Announcing Quebec Road Trip 2017

Quebec Road Trip 2017

Rachel and I are going on a road trip! 

Neither of us have been to Quebec City and I’ve had a few migraine-free days now so we decided to live free and do something about that. We have always loved travel, but this will be our first multi-day road trip together. Rachel and I will be sharing driving responsibilities so that we both have time to work, and to be flexible around my chronic migraines.

We plan to visit my hometown of Belleville, then go to Montreal and Quebec City.

Our itinerary can and likely will change on a whim or at a moment’s notice. The flexible schedule allows us to travel and work around my chronic migraines and live free. In the past I have felt anxious in the week and days leading up to a trip, feeling that my migraine was a ticking time-bomb waiting to ruin the trip. Now, if I get a headache, Rachel will take over or we’ll pull over onto the beautiful Canadian countryside, breathe the fresh air, and rest until I can travel again.

The ability to move at our own pace is freeing.

We plan to travel without spending a lot of money. Financial Independence is part of our Live Free philosophy, and for now the easiest way to do that is to limit our expenses while we work on our projects. The greatest expenses we expect to have while traveling will be hotels & food. We will go camping & car camping along the beautiful Ontario & Quebec countryside as often as we can. We will bring enough food for most of the trip so that we can make meals on the go with local farm and market stops to replenish supplies and sample local flavour. 

We are also bringing a car backseat mattress for when tent camping is unavailable. Multiple blankets, a 300w plug-in power inverter from Amazon to plug in or laptops or heat blanket if necessary, first aid kit, emergency phone chargers all at arms reach.

To limit the likelihood of an attack while travelling:

  • Take care not to pack food or drink with migraine triggers (the red wine is all yours, honey).
  • Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetable as possible.
  • Bring more than enough medication
  • Bring a fly pair of Polarized anti-glare sunglasses to reduce eyestrain – a migraine trigger.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Plan regular stops with alternate stops in between in case of headache attack.
  • Be mindful of your prodromal premonitory symptoms.
  • Bring handheld massage wand in case of headache attack to relieve pain.
  • Frequently high-five Rachel, because high-fives make everyone feel great.

Use Your Head 

Be sensible about your travel plans and mindful of the limitations imposed by your disorder and chronic pain. It does nobody any good to get worked up over tight schedules and the fear of missing out. Be in the moment and focus on what is important around you.

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